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"ArclerDesk" is a Third party independent technical Support provider for VideoLan Client. The VLC Media Player has long been one of pupils favorite media players for videos, in part because of its ease of use and its wide support for popular video formats out of the box, without the need to download codec's

"ArclerDesk" helps you with all internet issues by resolving them at a glance. Some examples include Xvid Files and DivX files, which are two popular formats used to display videos on the computer. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways of getting viruses is to download codecs, so the fact that VLC will play so many different types of videos by default is not only a matter of convenience, but also helps reduce the risk of infecting the computer with a virus. Call at for VLC Support by ArclerDesk.

The main advantage of the VLC Media Player Support by ArclerDesk is that we Support 24x7, though VLC is very easy to use, even for those who are not very technical. Call ArclerDesk online Technical Support a third party independent Service provider at and get instant support for VLC player.

A Brief Background

VLC was first introduced 18 years ago, in 1996, and was created to work as a client to play video files on a remote server. As such, originally there was a VideoLan Server and a VideoLan Client to stream videos from a server to their television. Today, the functions of the VideoLan Server have been assimilated into the VideoLan Client, which is where it gets its name, VLC

Why ArclerDesk For VLC Support:

  • Click "Start", select "Control Panel" and then locate "Add / Remove Programs"
  • Locate the "Real Player" application
  • Click on "Remove"

Reason Behind choosing third party VideoLan Client Support by "ArclerDesk" is that this service is cost effective. Though to fix VLC issues "ArclerDesk" charge a fee, but it is an unswerving tech Support at an unmatched price in comparison to what is charged by the repairman who help out the matter by reaching personally at your site where the computer is located.

Official Customer Care

Not available 24x7

Non-supportive staff

Delayed response

Slow delivery of solutions

Generic solutions

No guarantees offered

AcrlerDesk Customer Support

Available round the clock throughout the whole year

Supportive and cooperating staff

Instant response by tech support

Prompt solutions to even most complicated issues

Customized solutions according to individual requirements

Guaranteed best solutions

ArclerDesk - support line

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