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Like Tumblr, twitter is also a microblogging site based in America where people can post tweets, and the followers can retweet them. It was founded in March 2006 in California, the U.S. by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass.  

Twitter is easy to create, and people can use #hashtag to increase more social awareness. This is very specific, and posts can be written within 140 characters with quicker response. But besides this, writing a post within 140 characters is quite challenging.

It is one of the most used social networking sites all over the world. It is a public interaction platform, and there is a feature of direct two-way communication. This social networking site is free of cost. Twitter is beneficial for those busy people who do not have time for breaking news. The hashtags trending can give an idea of the relevant news of the day. There is a feature of automatically sending your tweets. You just need to specify when you want to post them.

Besides this, twitter requires skilled and trained staff who deal with the account. Negative comments are available on twitter as people posts anything without the original identity. The tweets can easily be missed if the user is offline, as there are several tweets every day. People can predict the future depending upon the trending hashtags and what people post.

Common Twitter Support Queries

  • How should I Tweet?
  • How should I Retweet?
  • Can I post a picture on Twitter?
  • What is the audience of my post?
  • I want to switch on the dark modes. How can I do it?
  • How can I reply to a message on Twitter?
  • What is report spam?
  • Can I limit my followers?
  • Can I keep my Twitter account locked?
  • How can I recover my username and password?
  • What is account suspension on Twitter?
  • What is the limit of sharing a post?

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