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Skype is an application based on telecommunication that helps people, living in different countries, to come together via video call and video chats through computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc. it was launched in August 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. This social networking site took the internet by storm at the time it was launched since the hype for video call was not present.

In business, effective communication with oversea customers is essential. Skype can allow up to 250 people at a time for a video conference to strike a deal and allows instant messaging, telephony in one platform. Skype helps in video calling without compromising the quality, and at the same time, the expense of the people living abroad is also saved. Skype allows face-to-face conferences without traveling a long distance, and this has made the task easier.

Despite its advantages, customers complain about the poor quality video when more than 25 people are involved. Moreover, the voices of the surrounding are easily caught. It also has a synchronization issue. An active internet network is vital as it can disrupt the flow of a conversation.

Common Skype Support Queries

  • I am not able to sign in to Skype.
  • Why can I not update Skype?
  • Is Skype subscription refundable?
  • How can I cancel my skype subscription?
  • Can I merge calls and video calls?
  • Is it possible to know if someone is on another call?
  • What is skype-to skype communication?
  • Which device is compatible with Skype?
  • Can I change my profile display?
  • How to invite non-Skype users for business? 
  • What to do if Skype is not working?

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