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With "ArclerDesk" Recover Deleted Pictures From Picasa and From Computer Hard Disk and also get help to download picasa in your Pc or laptop. Picasa was introduced by Google to give users the freedom to 'create' their own memories. People who love editing but are not well versed with the technical aspects of it, can easily use Picasa's desktop client to edit photos, videos, pictures, and create greeting cards, etc. Call "ArclerDesk" at to get instant Data-Backup and recovery.

While using the application has its perks, it also has drawbacks of its own. Often when pictures are deleted from Picasa, they get wiped off the computer system itself. At such times, when one does not have another copy and is in dire need to recover the pictures, you can call "ArclerDesk" 24x7 anytime at to get recovered all your data or to download , install, uninstall and upgradation Picasa Software.

Most Picasa users, view all their pictures on the application. However, sometimes, by mistake, one may end up deleting pictures from Picasa. These pictures are often not even found in the Recycle Bin of the computer. This only leaves the user puzzled as to how pictures deleted from Picasa, are erased from the entire computer system.

In this case, the file gets permanently deleted because the user must have either pressed 'Shift + DEL' or emptied the Recycle Bin after deleting the file.

Recovering the photos even after such a loss is not at all difficult. People who have multiple copies of their files would not even be bothered about trying to retrieve the lost photos, however, those who do not have a back-up, can use a deleted picture recovery software. These software work on the principle that even when it has been deleted, it is only marked as deleted by the file system. Until the space used for saving the original picture (now deleted) is re-used (or overwritten), the lost file can be recovered. Thus using third party applications you can easily recover deleted photos.

"ArclerDesk" data Backup Photo Recovery is reliable & user friendly deleted picture recovery software that is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It is capable of recovering audio, video, and image data belonging to almost any file format (JPEG, GIF, BMP, WAV, MP3, AVI etc.). Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for all users to recover deleted photos with ease.

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ArclerDesk - support line

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