Operating system support

The operating system acts as executive management that controls all kinds of computer programs. It keeps the record of primary memory that provides fast storage. A computer must have an operating system that allows other programs to run smoothly. It has many responsibilities and does the policing to control every kind of congestion. 

But in spite of all the capabilities, it too has certain issues that need troubleshooting. BSOD, also known as Blue Screen of Death, is a standard operating system issue that makes the computer go blank. A non-specialist might consider his computer or laptop to be dead, but in reality, it needs technical support. In such a condition, professional at Arcler Desk might suggest you with methods to resume smooth running of your computer system.

Common Operating system Support Queries

  • Blue Screen of Death
  • DLL Missing File
  • Inability to install the application
  • Slow running of the application
  • The computer behaves abnormally

In some cases, the operating system might face an issue in performing its function. In this case, Arcler Desk might ask you to delete some of the unnecessary files to free some spaces. This suggestion is also similar when you think that you are unable to uninstall the application on your computer. An outdated version of the operating system also results in the slow running of the application system. So it is necessary to update your operating system along with the cleaning of the drive. Lastly, in case the computer behaves abnormally it is suggested to start your computer all over again. Therefore, in this case, Arcler Desk is always at your service whenever you need us.

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