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Microsoft Security Essentials is a free-for-home-use antivirus and antispyware application which replaces Defender and OneCare. In the beginning, Security Essentials wasn't seen as a threat to other antivirus software companies due to its small market share. Now, however, it is the most-used, in North America, and second-most-used antivirus product in the world.

Features of MS Security Essentials include:

  • Virus scanning
  • Malware scanning
  • Automatic Updating
  • Real-time scanning
  • Simple graphical interface
  • And more

Why Microsoft Security Essentials?

It's a free version for the genuine Microsoft product users to help them highly secure their PCs from several malicious software programs. Microsoft Security Essentials is the only hassle-free security solution that detects and removes malicious programs completely. Thus, it gives users the essential peace of mind by saving their precious time and money. Yes, time and money value are the two most important things that the whole world dies for and there are no exceptions to this! Microsoft Security Essentials lives up to the customers' expectations fully without costing them dearly.

Features of Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Real time & on-demand protection
  • Windows firewall integration that lets users to turn on and off Windows firewall
  • Award-winning anti-malware engine that keeps itself updated with latest features and bug fixes every month
  • Automatic updates without hampering the computer's speed
  • Malicious software detection and removal
  • Proactive detection capabilities
  • Click-to-Run technology that checks for updates and supplements periodically and installs them automatically
  • Microsoft Spynet that allows users to share and report malicious programs to Microsoft's network community

How To Remove The Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Virus

The way the virus works is to secretly gain access to your computer and install itself without you knowing and it does this by different ways, a few of them are mentioned above, which are:

  • Spam emails
  • Infected websites
  • Infected links
  • Computer hacking
  • People actually downloading the virus because of its legitimate looks

What Is Microsoft Security Essentials?

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials is a fake piece of software which is more specifically known as “malware” (malicious software). The program has been created by hackers to try and get you to buy the rogue upgrade to the software, as well as to also steal your personal information & other important details from your PC. This infection will have likely infected your computer from such sources as a rogue download, fake email or malicious website. It will now be causing all sorts of problems for your computer, including preventing Windows Task Manager from loading, as well as stopping your system from running its programs & Internet.

How to Remove Microsoft Security Essentials From Your PC

Naturally, you will want to rid yourself of this malicious program as quick as you can, but that is not always easy if you don’t know how. However, by calling us at +1-888-339-6469, you can get rid of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials quickly and easily.

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