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1.“Start hardware split screen” option is not indicating while right-clicking menu of Lenovo Split screen icon?

May be graphics are not intended with split-screen function, so the menu on the split screen doesn’t display this option.

2.“Start Custom SplitScreen” menu cannot be used I my laptop. Please help me?

“Start Custom SplitScreen” menu can be used only after configuring “Custom SplitScreen” function setting.

3.System reminds failed action when its starts using 4:3 SplitScreen.

If the width of monitor is set above 1366 pixels only then, 4:3 SplitScreen can be used.

4.I am facing problem in saving my music videos and pictures in D Drive?

No an issue, we troubleshoot almost all the problems related to Sony storage devices.

5.Is SplitScreen function cannot apply while screen is in 4:3 SplitScreen and Custom SplitScreen?

Well, SplitScreen function cannot apply to this program windows of anti-virus software or program windows because they usually run as Administrator.

6.Laptop’s screen gets turn into blue, please suggest some help?

Yes, we almost fix all your Lenovo laptop, desktop and notebook issues varying from blue screen errors to Windows connection and much more.

7.Lock Window” option is not showing in some windows.

Some windows have no system menu and that’s the reason they don’t show “Lock Window” option.

8.Why my laptop is not showing printed command whenever I used to get print out?

May be, your laptop needs to get updated as we rectify all lenovo printer problems that include installation, spooling and other printing issues.
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