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It seems everyone is on Facebook-your friends, your co-workers and certainly your customers. People are following their favorite brands and companies and looking for support right there on Facebook.

"ArclerDesk" provides comprehensive support for Facebook. Manage your facebook account, your privacy settings, and prevent spam from your timeline. Contact ArclerDesk at to +1-888-943-8697 to deactivate or delete your facebook account. You can also change your facebook web address or username. People also contact ArclerDesk to download their Information from facebook. A large group of our special needs community lives on Facebook, and, we can now provide much more comprehensive support by monitoring and responding to their posts on our wall. ArclerDesk for Facebook has serve more users more effectively. And best of all, we can focus on helping our members without needing to be too technical, because our customers love it.

What we can do for you?

1. Manage Your Account (Account Setting, Deactivate and Delete your Account, Download your information from facebook for you.)

  • Account Setting : (Editing your Setting, Change Your Name and Birthday)
  • Delete your Account : (“ArclerDesk” will delete and deactivate your account)
  • Download Your Info : (If you want to download your info before deleting it)

2. Privacy Setting: (General Setting, Safety, Controlling who can find you)

3. Security Setting: (Spam and other Security threats, Using Games and apps Safely)

4. Timeline Setting: (Timeline Privacy, Update your basic info, Hide from your timeline)

5. Page Setting: (Managing and creating a page,)

6. Apps and Games Setting: (Manage Apps and Games, Privacy for Apps,)

Official Customer Care

Not available 24x7

Non-supportive staff

Delayed response

Slow delivery of solutions

Generic solutions

No guarantees offered

AcrlerDesk Customer Support

Available round the clock throughout the whole year

Supportive and cooperating staff

Instant response by tech support

Prompt solutions to even most complicated issues

Customized solutions according to individual requirements

Guaranteed best solutions

ArclerDesk - support line

For all of these known issues you can contact ArclerDesk’s 24x7 technical support team at +1-888-943-8697. We are happy to help you.

Call us at +1-888-943-8697 our 24x7 customer service and have your issues fixed.

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