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Features, Advantages & Benefits (FAB) of Tech

1. Anytime Assistance

Tech support comes with a feature of anytime assistance which means either be a day of Christmas or any Federal Holiday, you still have assistance from the Engineers if you face any problem. Hence, this gives you relaxed operation to work anytime hassle free. Our Engineers are available for assistance from Monday- Saturday (9:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. EST).

2. Unlimited Support

Our best feature is unlimited support means either you face a problem or number of problems any time, we are there to help you every time with same concern.

3. Manufacturer Independent

We come with an advantage of Manufacturer Independence i.e. who so ever is the developer of your computer (be it HP, Toshiba, Sony, Acer etc.), we provide assistance for all of them.

4. Personalized Assistance

The best advantage that we provide from our side is the personalized assistance which means your issue with the computer will be considered personally by our Engineers and they will solve your problem at the same time. Until and unless your problem is solved, the concerned engineers are not allowed to attend an another customer.

5. Trained & Certified Technicians

We have a pool of Trained & Certified Technicians who has the Specific and Generic Computer related Certifications and all of them are Trained on our best Stimulators and Emulators to give best results.

6. Linear & Logical Troubleshooting

All the Engineers in our Campus follow Linear & Logical Troubleshooting steps evolved for the fixation of your issue with the machine. This ensures systematic and step-by-step troubleshooting.

7. Remote Support

Sometimes when the machine gets mad at us we rush to the Local Tech guy. But, here we provide Remote Support which means where ever you are in this world just call us and get connected with the help of your internet to us and we will fix your issue remotely.

8. One Stop Shop

We come with a facility of One Stop Shop which means either be any device (be it a laptop, computer, mobile, tablet, iPod, iPad, Kindle etc.) we support all of them. Hence, you get an issue, call us and get it fixed. This also gives you a peace of mind to contact the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of all these devices and pay all of them separately.

9. Toll Free Number

As you get registered for our services, we provide a toll free number to you so that you can contact us without using a single Cent of your Money.

10. Subscription Based Service

We believe in Subscription Based Service which means if you have subscribed for our services for one time or for half-year, annual, life time or any other plan; you get services as per the same. No hidden charges are there.

11. Average Wait Time- 60 Seconds

Sometimes waiting for an Engineer may take long. But here, we assure you with the Average Wait Time for the Engineer Support is 60 Seconds. This saves your time and gives a smile on your face.

12. First Call Resolution- 89%

Our Engineers are Trained enough to solve your issue on the First Call Level and you will not be required to call again and again for the same issue at one point of time. With introduce us with 89% First Call Resolution.

13. Resolution Rate- 89%

In a recent verification with all the customers, we found that 97% of our customer’s issue was resolved. If you think you belong to the 11% category then, we don’t really believe in keeping customers money.

14. Customer Approval Rate- 93%

In the recent conversation with all our customers who has availed our dignified services, it was calculated that the Customer approval Rate was approximately 93%. All our customers keep a huge smile on their face after getting their computer fixed as we turn old computer into a new computer.
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